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A Case In Point

Tonight, while watching the telly (for my British audience--er. . .they know who they are)I was treated to back-to-back campaign ads for the GOP Senate primary.

The first started out with an ominous picture of Pete Coors and the banner (to the effect of) "Supports Gay Rights and the Gay Agenda". It then spent twenty seconds touting Bob Schaffer's record of fiscal and social conservatism before spending the last five on "Supports Gay Rights."

The second is the one with Pete Coors sitting in a field (or something) with his wife talking about his business experience, his values and what he brings to the table--never mentions his opponent or rebuts the attacks.

The stark contrast between the two highlights the point I made last night: Coors has the resources to burn on a positive message, while Schaffer lacks those resources and his supporters who have them are devoting them to attacks.

I think that the vast majority of Schaffer supporters are smart, devoted people who genuinely believe that his brand of conservatism can win statewide. And I don't think I disagree with them. Unfortunately for Schaffer, he lacks the money to make that case for himself, and the brand of conservatism his supporters is putting out there cannot win statewide. Regardless of how much money gets pumped in after the primary, the first impression is a powerful one, and not one that gives me hope for Schaffer.

Is Pete Coors a perfect candidate? Heck, no. I've blogged before about his obvious inexperience and seeming discomfort with the microphone. And in a perfect world the Senate would be enough in GOP control to allow me to cast a strictly ideological vote. But I'm still leaning towards the good win rather than the perfect loss.

Seven days to go.

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