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Been a Wierd Day

Two bits of personal news today: my brother and his wife had their baby--healthy, and strong, Caleb was brought into the world this morning. Given his brother's condition, the first thing they did was draw some blood to test little Caleb for cystic fibrosis, the results of which won't be available for a couple days. A blessing, to be sure, and a wonderful gift to two wonderful people--but with a little bit of anxiety attached.

And then tonight we got word that my wife's father has prostate cancer. BUT. . .they caught it very early on, and the doctors are throwing around numbers like 85-95%. So, certainly an anxious time for the family, but with a great deal of hope sprinkled in.

Which is just a roundabout way of saying this: I would appreciate any extra prayers anyone can throw in the direction of my family.


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