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Barely Passed the Laugh Test

Time Magazine opens its article about today's poll with the following:

A new TIME poll finds President Bush heading into next week's Republican National Convention amid signs that his opponent's advantage is softening. Two weeks of John Kerry playing defense over his Vietnam record and relentless Republican attacks on what they characterize as his "flip-flopping" on Iraq appear to have taken a toll: President Bush now appears to be in a statistical dead-heat with Kerry in a three-way race among likely voters . . .

Okay. That seems encouraging. When last we looked, the Time poll had Kerry at 48% and Bush at 43%. So maybe the President has closed up the gap to within the margin of error. So we read on. . .

. . . with 46% backing Bush, 44% backing Kerry and 5% opting for Ralph Nader and 3% undecided.

So Kerry's advantage is "softening?" That's like saying the ice cream I took out of the freezer four hours ago is "softening" out on the sidewalk. Time tries valiantly to spin a seven point swing away from Kerry as a "softening"--a minor blip, as it were. In reality, well . . .

Chuckles all around.

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