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Ad Analysis

For the last three weeks the Swiftboats Veterans have dominated the airwaves with their first ad, though the DNC was trying to keep "Kerry the Hero" alive, too. But by the time the Kerry campaign managed to respond, the Swifties follow up with their second ad. At the same time, the Bush campaign releases this ad, called "Victory," which is one of the better political ads I've seen in a long time.

Let me say this a different way: the Swifties managed to drive a wedge through Kerry's persona; by the time Kerry managed to respond, the Swifties changed the subject and pointed out the treasonous activities of John Kerry upon return to the U.S. So an electorate starting to doubt his service is now reminded of his role in reversing the direction of the war. I believe in military parlance this is known as "getting inside their decision-making cycle." On top of this the Bush campaign capitalizes on its big strength, which is its vision for the future of democracy in the world.

All in all, I would say this round went to the President. Decidedly.

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