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Three Questions for John Kerry

1. Given your recent speeches about the Scriptural basis for good works--"Faith without works is dead,my brother--", wouldn't it have been consistent for you to not only oppose the blockage of the Faith-based Initiative, but, indeed, to engage in a "good work" by carrying the legislation to the Hill?

2. If you, as you say, personally oppose and dislike abortion, would you now vow to return all campaign funds given to you by the National Abortion Rights Action League, an organization whose primary purpose is the promotion of abortion?

3. How much time will you be spending on your "Hometown Tour" in Switzerland and France, where you spent much of your childhood?

You know, since he's in town and all.

The first two questions are indicative of why anything remotely tied to Faith and Religion are something like a third rail for a Democrat. Even Joe Lieberman had a tough time negotiating thes waters four years ago, and I hope Kery continues to be dogged by questions such as these. Such reveal the hollowness at the core of any belief system embraced by the left.

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