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Thoughts on the Veep

Well, surprise, surprise. . .I was wrong. Edwards is the man for the job of Kerry's VP.

A safe choice. Clearly a signal of Kerry's intent to run a safe campaign. I think this really gains him nothing, but does fit with the conventional wisdom of "do no harm." I think this is a signal that the Kerry camp believes this election will be won or lost based on events, not on the people, and that the best they had to do with this event was not screw up. They succeeded.

Sadly, if something happens that makes people look really carefully at the actual job of being VP, which largely consists of being Pres in case something happens, Edwards is a woefully inadequate choice. Like, imagine a terror attack in Boston on the day of John Edwards' speech. A man with no military, no foreign relations, no law enforcement, no serious experience whatsoever--and he's next. In 1988 I had a very difficult time pulling the lever for Bush 41 because the first major choice of his "presidency" was putting Dan Quayle one heartbeat from the Presidency (hey, what did I know. . .I was 19). I think there will be a number of serious Democrats (okay, I know there aren't that many to begin with) who will say "this guy is next in line?"

I also made the point to a radio show today that the attack on Edwards will be fairly easy.

[cue ominous music]
show pictures of seniors and troubled children, followed by statistical backing of assertions, while resonant voiceover says:
Health Care costs are out of control in this country. On top of that, doctors are leaving the profession in droves. Their number one reason? Inability to keep up with the rising cost of malpractice insurance.

You think insurance companies play unfair? Joe Schmoe won a 2 million dollar settlement for breaking his toe after falling out of a hopital bed while having his stomach pumped for alcohol overdose. . .

Continue citing ridiculous lawsuits and their effect on the cost of health insurance.

John Edwards has made a fortune winning lawsuits such as these. Is this really the man you want overseeing health care reform?

Or something to that effect. The more Americans are reminded that he's a LAWYER, the easier it will be to marginalize him.

My guess is, however, that he will have almost no effect on the outcome. He does no harm. Fine. Let's get back to the main event.

It is funny, however, to note the Kerry camp's willingness to snub Hillary by naming the heir apparent. Could make for good theater.

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