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Thoughts On the Veep

If we have learned nothing about John Kerry in the past year, it is that this person has very little, if any, political courage.

Therefore, expect tomorrow's announcement to be fairly ho-hum: Edwards or Gephardt, with my money being on Gephardt. Not because of any great strength, but Gephardt is the one most likely to obey VP rule number one: do no harm.

I suspect the talk of Hillary last week was nothing more than a high, inside fastball. Sort of a warning shot to the critics about what he could do. Vilsack gains him nothing except the chance to look interesting in comparison; Edwards, while interesting, gains him nothing and damages him with the most important Democratic base--the Clintons.

So, with all the proven ability to prognosticate demonstrated during the primaries, I make a call for Dick Gephardt.

Quick, put your money elsewhere.

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