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So Far, So Good. . .oh, Teri--Teri NO!

I was out most of the evening, so I didn't actually get to watch much of the convention tonight. But from all the reporting I've seen it seems like they've managed to control the tone of the event and present a positive picture of the Democratic Party. Somebody even managed to dope up Al Gore, who--with the exception of overblown self-pity--managed a pretty decent speech.

Of course, anybody over the age of 35 (ooh, just barely) remembers the Carter years as years of incredible impotence, so listening to him lecture on foreign policy is like listening to one of the Chicago Daleys lecture on honesty.

Every time Bill Clinton takes the mike, I think, more than anything, he reminds Dems of the good old days--and makes Kerry look puny by comparison.

Anyway, they managed the tone pretty well. Except for, well, that little incident in Pennsylvania in which Teresa Heinz-Kerry lectured a gathering about civility and then told a reporter to "shove it."

And they were so close. . .

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