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Quick Hit

Strangely slow news day, following yesterday's big announcement. There are stories out there, to be sure; it just remains to be seen whether the mainstream press gives them much play. We'll see tomorrow.

In the meantime, at least according to Rasmussen, Edwards added nothing to the ticket. Sure, it's a three-day rolling average tracking poll which would moderate any dramatic overnight changes, but the Kerry number actually went down based on last night's polling. Not that that will hold, but it does say something about first impressions.

In addition, there is some to-do being made over Rasmussen's numbers in Florida (Kerry 48, Bush 43). Not to spin, but keep in mind that the margin of error on this poll is 4%, which is both fairly large and puts these numbers in the margin; also to get to the sample size this polling--by its own explanation--either allowed for oversampling or had to take data that is many weeks old. I agree it doesn't look good in FL, but it's not really a five point game.

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