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On the Senate Race

This post is all about controlling the battleground, one of Sun-Tzu's crucial components to success in battle.

A couple days ago I wrote about how out of touch I thought the first mailer from the Schaffer campaign was. Well, today, I saw the new Coors TV spot. . .about spending controls and balanced budgets!

I must be the one out of touch--either that, or polling among GOPers in Colorado must be showing that government spending is a high priority. Nonetheless, in that Schaffer got his shot off first (though not as loudly as a statewide TV campaign), and has a proven track record on this issue, I judge that control of the battlefield right now belongs to Schaffer. I'll be curious to see how he presses that advantage.

In a similar way, in my little State Senate district, I just got a mailer from our serving Sen. Sue Windels. She touts her advocacy of local politicking like the kind that stopped the WalMart, of small business development advocacy, and of stopping Colorado job outsourcing (?!?!?)--which are the traditional battleground of Republicans. In particular, Windels' GOP opponent this fall will be Jessica Correy, well known to those who fought the WalMart as an outspoken advacate for the community against government intrusion. This round: Correy.

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