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Oh, But Then I See This

This came in the mail today--I didn't see it until it fell out of a magazine my daughter was reading.

The front flap reads:

U.S. Senate Candidate Pete Coors has pledged to use your tax dollars to continue promoting the radical homosexual agenda in Colorado.

This was sent out by the Christian Coalition of Colorado.

Two thoughts . . . first: STOP EATING YOUR CHILDREN!!! I agree with others that the Coors add buy over the weekend was wrong-headed, but this is really over the top. Because, and secondly: this is close-minded and contributes to the impression that Christian Conservatives hate. I disagree with the homosexual agenda as much as anybody out there, and the idea that a judge in Massachussetts is going to dictate what marriage is in my state is offensive. But we're commanded by Scripture to lovingly disagree--to embrace those who sin and, by our love, bring them back to the fold.

This is not loving, this is not Christian. And from a purely political perspective, this is marginal thinking which contributes to all the stereotypes which justify my father-in-law's belief that the Christian Right is a threat.

By the way, if Coors wins the primary, is this a signal that the Christian Coalition will not support him? or even vote for him?

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