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Moore Retort

I've seen Michael Moore on TV twice in the last week now (I know--I've been trying to avoid him). He has a new line of attack--he confronts whoever he's against with the question "would you send your son to Iraq?" Sadly, both Bill O'Reilly and David Dreier fumbled the question. . . at least in part because Moore kept screaming at them through their attempted answer.

It seems to me to not be a very tough question. I would be proud if my son were sent to Iraq. I would be proud because it meant that my son VOLUNTEERED for service in the greatest organization on the face of the earth. I also, regrettably, have to instruct you that, of course, only one person sends our troops anywhere. And the troops go where they are told because they are the best-disciplined, best-motivated, and most lethal and effective fighting machine on earth.

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