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Meaningful Internals

The ABC News/Washington Post poll released today has the President enjoying a slight advantage over Sen. Kerry, but within the margin of error. So what.

But if you look at the internals, you have to be happy to be in the President's camp.

Trust More to Handle Issues
Issue Now:Bush Now: Kerry Month Ago: Bush Month Ago: Kerry
Terrorism 55% 37 48 47
Taxes 49 43 41 53
Health Care 44 47 38 56
Iraq 52 40 49 47 Education 44 45 43 52
Economy 47 46 45 50

(I have a feeling that chart won't look very good on my site--check out the link.)

I don't have any idea if these are just a blip on the map or not, but clearly, when faced with a direct one-to-one comparison on what's important, the people recognize that the President is vastly better for the country that the Senator.

That seems to me to be the crux of the debate. You cannot engage on a personal, emotional level with the hate-Bush crowd; I think the challenge is to reduce the debate to issues and a direct comparison of the candidates.

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