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A Lesson for Republicans

Remember what the big story was at the beginning of the week? I know--think back a bit. It's been a big week.

Remember Arnold and the "girlie-man" comment? Yeah, I know. . .seems like longer ago than five days.

My point is simply this: when a Conservative speaks truth or employs humor and the left gets their undies in a bind over it, the proper response is to say, in effect, as Arnold did, "get a life." HH, among others, came out right away and defended the comments, the governor refused to apologize, and the story has gone away.

I wonder, if Trent Lott had taken this approach, if he would still be the Majority Leader.

More importantly, if the President would come out swinging again about pre-war intelligence and the need to act against a perceived threat, I wonder if he would handcuff the rhetoric of the left and shut it down.

Just a thought. I realize Arnold has more charisma than most, which is a big advantage, but. . . Don't you think it might be worth a try?

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