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I am fond of turning my radio dial to AM 1150--you know, "Hear both sides talk;" initial lineup included Greg Dobbs, Enid Goldstein and Dominic Brassia from the left--when I'm in the car and not listening to HH. So today, on my way to a meeting, I flipped over with the intention of listening to Enid Goldstein. I do this to try to keep my rhetorical skills sharp and to be fully informed of what the other side is thinking.

But today, instead of incoherent, emotional drivel, all I heard was white noise. So I check out the web site and see this message, indicating the end of operations.

Admittedly, Denver's a tough market for talk radio. But you had to suspect this was coming--liberal talk radio is not destined for long-term success. Radio is a medium that engages the mind, demands attentiveness, and rewards reason and logic--not the hallmarks of liberalism.

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