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I'm Back

Back in town now, though I think my brain is still somewhere over the Mississippi River Valley.

I've spent a couple hours tonight trying to get caught up on the news. And the most important thing I've seen is the Battleground Poll (courtesy RealClearPolitics). Unfortunately, blogger seems to be having one of those nights, so I can't link it, but you can find it on your own.

The salient points I saw were twofold: in the question of which candidate can handle what better, Bush has a comfortable lead on the issue of terrorism; more importantly, in the general Congressional question of how important various issues are, handling terrorism was both the most important and the second most important issues for a Congressional cnadidate.

In other words, terrorism is a very high priority to the American people still, and the President has a comfortable margin on that point.

Game. Set. Match.

I hope.

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