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From the Mailroom
I give full credit to Bob Schaffer for distancing himself from the Colorado Conservative Voters ads of late.  I would have hoped that such a distancing might have also included a forceful call to cease and desist.  In truth, he did say as much. . . they just didn't listen.
Opening paragraph of a letter I recieved from Sen. Bill Armstrong (Retired):
Dear Fellow Republican,
Do you want to elect a conservative Republican to the U.S.Senate, a man with a proven track record of leadership and integrity?  Or do you think we whould take a chance on a first-time candidate who is dogged by controversies involving teenage drinking, degrading TV spots, the homosexual agenda and contributions to Democratic candidates, including the probable Democratic nominee for the Senate?
You know, there's a reason the we get stuck with the label of mean-spirited--IT'S ALTOGETHER TOO OFTEN TRUE!!!
This kind of thing just makes me ill.  I, too, want a strong voice to speak for center-right values to come from the state of Colorado.  But the way this is going, the voice speaking is going to be that of Ken Salazar. 
We should listen to Bob Schaffer when he told us to obey RR's 11th Commandment.  Somebody tell me a way to make that point to CCV, please.

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