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For What It's Worth

In the last couple of days, I've had occasion to do a lot of driving around the city. And I've been paying especial attention to yard/fence/billboard signs or anything else that indicates support of a candidate. My completely unscientific count as of last night was: Coors 9, Miles 4, Salazar 3, Schaffer 3. Throw in a few for Bob Beauprez and that's about all that's out there right now.

Of course, none of them are doing as good a job of this as Jessica Correy, the candidate in my district for State Senate--she's got about a dozen up, and that's just in this neighborhood.

I don't know if things like this are in any way indicative of anything. But if in any small way, they are an indication of a campaign's ability to organize its support, then these numbers could mean something.

But probably not.

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