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Feel The Love

A quick sample of some of the opinions expressed to the Denver Post by members of the crowd at the Kerry rally yesterday.

I've hated George Bush since the day he took office.

I am not a big Kerry fan, but I want him to win so Bush and his policies will not.

Soldiers are being asked to serve for reasons that America has never been about
Like, maybe, freedom. . . democracy. . . self-determination. . .

Also expressed, in light of moving the event to the Fillmore,

Man, they've got to get their act together

This is a disaster

If this is how the Democrats are going to run their (expletive) campaign, we're not going to win.

Seems like a huge success. Oh, and then there's this, from the staff writer

But the rally in a rock venue was more drowsy than rowsing, with Kerry giving a long speech to about 3,500 . . .the crowd had to clear airport-like security checks before waiting another 1-1/2 hours for the candidates to appear.

My guess is an objective reported would conclude that the HH book signing was a much bigger success than the Kerry-Edwards rally. Just a guess.

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