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A Lesson--part two/strong>

A couple nights ago I blogged that Republicans need to learn how and when to tell the other side to "get a life." Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty has recently delivered just such a message to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. The highlight:

The First Lady and I are going to Kosovo to thank these brave, selfless men and women and the families they leave at home. The public is understandably focused on places like Iraq and Afghanistan. We should not forget, however, the tremendous service that members of our military provide in other places such as Kosovo.

That's why it was so disheartening to read the Star Tribune editorial that criticized our trip to Kosovo this weekend. I normally don't bother to respond to the criticism I receive from the Star Tribune editorial writers. Their perspective is hopelessly imbalanced, increasingly shrill and often just simply inaccurate or incomplete.

Not a lot of gray area there, folks (courtesy Powerline)

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