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Been Looking For This Answer

Robert Novak answers what I've been wondering for some time: why can't a 51-Senator majority get anything done?

His answer: it's the quality of leadership, starting with Bill Frist and Mitch McConnell.

I would amend that a little bit, and Novak even cites some examples to support my position: the problem is that the GOP is bringing a knife to a gunfight. When you look at how we got ridden down on the Marriage Amendment, on Class-Action Lawsuit Reform, and the way judges have been bottled up for over two years, it looks pretty clear that the GOP in the Senate has no idea that it is in a fight for its life.

I like Bill Frist. I think he's smart, articulate, and I like that he has a real background of public service prior to politics (medicine). But he's outmatched--maybe even worse than Trent Lott was before him. If a Doctor cannot find a way to make the case for tort reform against a bunch of lawyers, than nobody can.

Is it possible that the GOP just got so danged used to being out of power that they never brought up a generation of politicians skilled in wielding power? Seriously, what use is power if you don't know what to do with it? It's like having a brand new, shiny revolver and not knowing where the safety is.

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