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The Ad Wars

The newest Kerry ad has been running a lot lately--the one with John Edwards touting Kerry's service thirty years ago.

So far, we've seen a surrogate laud his character, and we've seen him push his own vision for national health care. Regardless of the factual laughability of these ads, they have managed to be positive and personable ads--all in all, pretty effective.

By contrast, we've seen little positive from the President's campaign yet. I hope they have something waiting in the wings, because I would have say the campaign has been pretty lackluster so far.

And a note on Colorado politics: the Coors response to the Colorado Conservative Voters' attack ad is, well, disappointing. Besides being not very effective, it is ugly mudslinging and just the sort of thing that makes Democrats giggle. Way to go, guys--there's still plenty of time to lose this election!

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