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I'm going to lay off of the politics to make two brief statements.

First. . .the first election I payed any attention to whatsoever was the 1980 Reagan/Carter race--I was in 6th grade. I knew very little (so things haven't changed that much. . .) but even at that age I think I understood that America was in the middle of a national shame with the Iran Hostage Crisis, and the country was in chaos with little expectation for change. Ronald Reagan was able to articulate a positive vision of the future, a vision that included a preeminent America drawing a line in the sand in front of the Soviets and empowering the people of America to improve themselves. It was a powerful theme that changed the American psyche, and forever altered the world. On this day I do not mourn--his contributions ended a decade ago; but I am drawn to thinking about the courage and hope that transformed the world and whose ripples resonate still.

Second. . . on this 60th anniversary of D-Day, I am confronted with the reality of 10,000 casualties on a single day--all on the "foolish" hope that God would reward those who took up arms to liberate a country, a continent, and a world. I will pull out the two episodes of "Band of Brothers" for my 8 year old this week most illustrative of the sacrifice of that generation--"Day of Days" and "Why We Fight", hoping in some way to communicate to her the greatness of this country and that generation. Many have written and spoken very eloquently on the contributions of those young men--I can only echo those thoughts and hope that, in some way, I can contribute any small measure of what they gave 60 years ago.

We'll return to your regularly scheduled politicking tomorrow. These two occassions are ripe for thought. . .

but not today. Today, a simple prayer and a "thank you" to the contributions we mark.

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