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Senate Thoughts

Other members of the RMA (see list, right) have knowledgeable and insightful posts on the state of the GOP primary race here in Colorado. My quick take, which is admittedly neither knowledgeable nor insightful, is that both candidates played to their stereotypes in the debate yesterday: Coors, amiable but not quite ready for prime-time, and Schaffer (particularly with the Martin thing) quite capable but personable like a porcupine.

But there are other important Senate races out there to keep our eyes on--Illinois, for one. Sure, part of my interest is that it seems every time Jack Ryan gets mentioned on TV we get treated to a picture of his ex-wife, the lovely Jeri Ryan (who first came to my attention (an understatement)as seven-of-nine in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine). And sure, the whole thing seems quite tawdry now.

The problem is, if as RCP is now speculating, Jack Ryan is likely to pull out of this race at this point, how close are the parallels to the Toricelli fiasco of two years ago? I thought it was absurd and shameful what the Democrats did, with complicity from a friend on the bench, to circumvent clearly written intentions of the legislature with regard to elections. Now, I will admit to not knowing Illinois campaign laws (something about vote early, and vote often, I think. . .) but would Jack Ryan pulling out or being pulled out at this point be in any way similar to the New Jersey situation? I only ask because, you know, it wasn't looking like he was headed for a win, anyway, so if his pulling out doesn't stink of Dem style politicking, I say hit the road, Ja. . . Yeah. Not gonna finish that one.

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