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Reagan Memorial

I watched a good part of the events today--I even tried to make my 8 year-old sit with me for some of it, trying to explain what was going on. Right idea.. . .wrong audience.

Anyway, I found myself surprisingly moved at the whole thing. I think the sight of Nancy bearing it so strongly and the military honors are what got to me most.

A note on the eulogies: Dick Cheney can flat-out speak. "Ronald Reagan spoke of a nation that was hopeful, big-hearted, daring, decent and fair. That is how he saw America, and that is how America came to know him. There was a kindness, simplicity and goodness of character that marked all the years of his life." Well done, Mr. V.P.

On the other hand, Sen Stevens' speech was both inappropriately political and just plain bad. I know it's tough to talk about the President without talking politics, but Mr. Reagan's accomplishments transcend petty politics, and I wish someone from our side would have reminded the good Senator of that.

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