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Quick Hit

Soooo... John McCain has rejected overtures by John Kerry to be his Vice President.

And I was looking forward to Kerry's explanation to his base: I actually did pick a Democrat, BEFORE I chose a Republican.

Or his voters' explanation: I actually did vote for a Democrat, BEFORE I voted for a Republican.

Obviously, jokes like this could go on for a while. The point is, does anybody else see this as a desparate Hail Mary? If he was seriously considering McCain, how much must he be thinking that the Democratic base/Bush haters will not get him elected?

Not often a candidate's first big choice is to shoot across the aisle. Sometimes confusing, sure (ahem. . .Dan Quayle); but not outright goofy.

And if memory serves, the last two times a candidate has tried to make a strong statement with their running mate they lost--Dukakis/Ferraro and Gore/Leiberman.

Oh, well. Keep shootin', Senator.

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