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A Point Of Comparison

It seems if you really want to start drawing comparisons between Ronald Reagan and George W Bush, you should begin with their influence on one man: Moammar Khadafi.

Khadafi was the chief sponsor of state terrorism in the Carter years and a belligerent opponent of American efforts in the world. His role in terrorism effectively ended whe President Reagan ordered a few cruise missiles launched into Khadafi's earhole.

Khadafi, it turns out, was actively seeking to capitalize on the growing WMD markets that sprung up in the Clinton years. His role in weapons proliferation effectively ended when he volunteered for UN inspections after watching the President-Bush led war depose Saddam Hussein.

Just one place to start looking.

While GW has almost none of the rhetorical skills of the former President, his ability to see the world with clarity and to act decisively are very much in the same mold. It is a mold we are hapilly reminded of in the wake of the sadness of RR's passing.

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