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"George Tenet resigns!!! He was pushed out by the administration (though we have no evidence of this)!! He must be being held out as the fall guy for the lying!!"

Or so the line goes from the left today. But just for a little sense of what this man really did, keep this in mind: since the formation of the CIA in 1946, 18 men have served as DCI--this is an average of 3.22 years per person. Only one man has remained in the position for longer than Tenet's seven years, and that was the Honorable Allan Dulles from 1953-1961. George Tenet's tenure was more than twice the length of the norm, and the second longest on record, through what had to be, arguably, the single most tumultuous time ever for the Agency.

So don't let the left fool ya. If Tenet was going to be a fall guy, he would have been dumped at any number of points since 9-11 (some argue that that would have been a good thing. . .).

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