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Out On A Limb

What does John Kerry need in a running mate? Somebody who shores up his national security credentials, certainly; ideally, also someone who could energize a segment of his base and maybe have a certain regional strength that turns a soft Bush state into a battleground or a battleground into a Kerry state. On top of that, an energetic and capable campaigner, with national experience, who could lend some weight to the campaign.

At the same time, if he could pick someone that might help his party pick up a Senate seat, then all the better.

Does that sound like anyone we know?

I'm not going so far as to predict this, but. . . [trumpets sound] don't be too surprised to hear the name Gary Hart bounced around soon.

Hmmm. . .and isn't John Kerry going to be in Hart's backyard sometime soon?

For that matter, whatever happened to Federico Pena? Sure, he doesn't help on security, but he brings the other credentials.

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