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Not Enough Time

Light blogging for the last several days. I'm both trying to accomplish getting the kitchen re-modeled (which is much easier to do after the girls go to bed), and shifting my paradigm to allow for six hours of sleep every night. Something's gotta give, and so far it's been blogging. Hopefully, one project will get off my plate soon and I can resume my normal pace.

But I'll go with one thought tonight: I seem to recall at the time of "Evil Empire" and "Tear Down This Wall" that President Reagan was dismissed as simplistic, naive, and unengaged at best; dangerous, cavalier and reckless at worst. Sound like anybody we know now? Of course, history has so far been very kind to Reagan's clarity; one hopes we have the foresight to learn from history.

I also seem to recall Pres Reagan being called "divisive." Truth has a way of doing that.

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