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John Kerry Spotting

In what is becoming an increasingly rare occurrence, Sen. John Kerry was spotted today and dealt this beauty:

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry said Wednesday that in spite of deadly anthrax attacks and warnings of further biological assaults on the United States, significant gaps remain in the nation’s preparations for bioterrorism.

You need to prepare your public health facilities. You need to prepare your hospitals and all the immediate first responders. Many of them will tell you right now that despite the talk over the course of the last years, there has not been that kind of preparation,” Kerry said in an interview with Associated Press Radio.

I just wonder how much further along the road to preparation we would be if the creation of the Department of Homeland Security hadn't been delayed for six months by Senate Democrats--including whom???--who thought the unions needed better protections in said Department. And let's also remember what led the Dems to come back and finally approve the DHS--defeat at the ballot box.

Not that I think Homeland Security is flawless at this point--hardly. But, uh, yeah, at some point those six months might look pretty important.

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