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Al Gore and his Amazing Timing

Never mind the absurdities of the whole speech, which border on insanity. What struck me was the well-thought out accusation about "brown-shirted" enforcers for the President.

So today I'm searching the news coverage for signs of the American SS at the opening of Michael Moore's movie. Not that they're going to get in the way--probably just taking names and digital photos of people entering the theater.

Honestly, does Al Gore really believe this crap or he just trying to stay in the news in some desperate way. To accuse the President of Nazi-like media manipulation on the day the most hateful anti-Bush propoganda tool enters the theaters is on a par with "There are no Americans at our airport. There are no Americans in Baghdad. We have run them off in shame."

Oh, I get it. Al Gore is auditioning for the role of chief spokesperson for. . .who? who needs someone capable of inane falsehood to cover ineptitude?. . . How about Kofi Annan? The UN could use a shameless spokesperson right about now.

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