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Wrong Question, Wrong Interviewee

I just caught a little snippet of Neil Cavuto tonight. At the top of the show he had on a rep from CAIR and one from the Islamic Anti-Defamation Organization and an Imam from the Central Florida Islamic Something-or-other; he asked the Imam if he found it curious that the newsapers in the Islamic world were barely covering the Nick Berg murder, or if they were, they had it on an equal standing with the Abu Graib story.

My first reaction was "Why would this be curious? Look at the American media?" I find it interesting and troubling that somebody as smart as Cavuto would take the position that Islamic papers should somehow be any more balanced or responsible than US papers. Or, leaving Cavuto out it, even more troubling that Islamic papers, it turns out, are actually about as balanced and responsible as the NYTimes, the WaPost, and the LATimes.

America's fifth column is taking a remarkably strident and obvious position in this contest--the one for America's soul. I hope there is something that we--the 'red-staters'--can do to balance that position. I just fear that Joe Sixpack voter is a little too disconnected to look for the truth themselves.

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