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Simple Observation

This morning I heard the Fox Morning Show interview of Bob Dole in relation to the dedication of the World War II Memorial. And something struck me. . .

At the risk of treading on touchy ground. . .I was struck by the difference between the Bob Dole generation's humble approach to its genuine heroism and the self-serving nature of John Kerry's approach to his service.

NOT to say that those who served in Vietnam weren't heroes or anything like that. Stories such as those of Ric Rescorla and "We Were Soldiers Once" resonate like anything from any generation. And the treatment of those who served in Vietnam by the American public--led by the likes of John Kerry--is a scar on the psyche of the nation.

But it is unimaginable to me to think of those veterans of WWII running an ad extolling the personal courage of their service--in complete denial of post-service follies--to score cheap politcal points.

I don't begrudge John Kerry his service 33 years ago; in fact, I honor it. But that does not immunize him from his actions of 32 years ago, or 20 years ago, or 13 years ago, or one year ago.

He would do well to imitate the quiet dignity of his predecessors.

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