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I tuned in to the Nightline broadcast about ten minutes in, so I didn't hear any of Ted Koppel's commentary. However, sitting through about fifteen minutes of it, I found it to be inoffensive, and also rather antiseptic--kind of like listening to the list of graduates receiving their diploma on graduation day. In other words, I'm certain it's very meaningful to the person whose son or daughter is named, but I'm not sure it, after a while, means much to most people.

The one thought that kept coming back to me during this was "and these were all volunteers." These people paid the ultimate price because they served out of choice. Again, I think this next generation has the stuff of greatness in it.

Watching that also helped get the creative juices flowing to join the Tillman-tribute-through-poetry thing for Tarzana Joe. I don't, however, have the cajones of some of colleagues to put what I wrote out for general consumption, just yet.

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