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New Kerry Ad

Saw the new Kerry spot during the evening news tonight--Service and Strength.

Gotta admit, first impression is that this is a good ad and a good line of attack. It's smooth, paints a very positive picture, and the uninformed are going to appreciate the positivity and the message.

So somebody better fill in some of the blanks. For instance, the ad says (not verbatim)John Kerry volunteered to serve his country in war, and when he returned he fought to end that war. Conveniently leaving out the piece that the way he fought to end that war was by propogating lies and distortions to convince Americans to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Also leaves out the piece of how, had he had his way, the Cold War would have also ended at the business end of a Kalishnikov after America unilaterally disarmed.

Nonetheless, a good ad--fairly easy to counter, though.

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