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JeffCO GOP Assembly Day

I spent an envigorating morning in the fieldhouse at the School of Mines with 1000 like-minded citizens. It was a very interesting day for me, having only attending one other--2002--and that as an alternate. I was pleased to see Ben and his wife there; actually, I saw a number of people who I know. Which, I suppose, is saying quite a lot, being a teacher and all.

In my humble opinion, Jessica Correy (State Senate 19) gave the best speech of the morning--it stuck to the rules (Be Brief, Be Precise, Be Seated). Bob Schaffer gave an impassioned speech defending his electability. While I think it is impressive that he got 80% of the vote in his district in 2000, I am mindful that he was an incumbent in a heavily Republican district. I'm not sure those numbers have any ability to translate state-wide. Still, his speech was better than Pete Coors, who did not stick around to give a speech. I wish he would have--I would like to have something to go on to compare these two gentlemen. Maybe another day.

Jefferson County Schools was surprisingly well represented today. I had the pleasure of sitting one row in front of C.Hereford Percy, the second-newest member of the School Board. We had a good conversation about a number of education issues. He brings a strong background in finance to the School Board, and has a great attitude about his role. (Jessica Correy, if you happen upon this, he is in your district and could bring a wealth of ed info into your campaign). In the hallway I bumped into Jane Barnes, another new School Board member, and I saw Vince Chowdhurry--yet another school board member--canvassing the house for votes in the State House 22nd. Not surprisingly, I did not see any of my teaching friends there, though surely there were teachers in attendance.

Sadly, I had to leave a little early--one must honor promises to ones' wife. But I was happy to be a part of the process, and saw just how much work goes on behind the scenes in the county party. I even thought of a couple possible roles to volunteer for next time around. It really is all local.

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