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This one slipped under the radar a couple days ago: the FEC is not going try to regulate the 527 Independent Expenditure Committees. So I thought I'd pose a few ideas for ads that a good conservative 527 could run that the national committee--and especially the Bush/Cheney campaign--could never run.

:Clip of John Kerry saying he'll get the UN involved; clip of headlines about the UN Oil-for-Food scandal; Query--is this the organization American national security should be turned over to?

:Clip of John Kerry extolling the virtues of our "alienated allies"; clip of reports that a number of governmental people and agencies in France and Russia were benificiaries--to the tune of billions--of the Oil-for-Food slush fund; query--what would John Kerry have done that would have convinced France and Russia to forego the money?

:Clip of jihadists standing over the body of Nick Berg; clip of Ted Kennedy saying "the torture chambers are reopened under new management--US management"; clip of John Kerry saying he disagreed with how Kennedy "framed" that issue; query--is this the sort of moral leadership we want in the White House?

:Clip of GW consoling young woman in Cincinnatti last week; clip of GW standing in the rubble at ground zero; clip of GW breaking up in press conference shortly after 9-11; clip of GW among the troops at Thanksgiving; clip of Afghan women working in public; clip of Iraqi children in school; clip of GW promising to protect us "whatever it takes;" quote from Zell Miller about the importance of re-electing this President for the safety and protection of his grandchildren.

:photo of Miguel Estrada--"no vote allowed by Senate Dems"; photo of Janice Rogers Brown--"no vote allowed by Senate Dems"; rapid series of photos of other judges--'no vote allowed by Senate Dems"; clip of Mass gay marriage ruling; clip of Pledge of Allegiance case; "the Courts have never played a more central role in shaping life in America; tell the Democrats that nominees deserve a vote by voting for somebody else."

Come on, everybody. Play along. Let's have some fun.

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