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Yes, Well, What We Meant Was. . .

The Wash Times today has an interesting editorial on the dependence of the Democrats to unregulated money. Some of the smarter pundits noted a couple years ago, when McCain-Feingold passed, how it had the potential to work badly against the Democrats. Seems they were right. To quote:

The Republican hard-money advantage significantly expanded in January and February. The Republican National Committee raised $48 million during the first two months of 2004, four times what the DNC raised. Collecting nearly $10 million during the same two months, the GOP Senate campaign committee more than doubled the take of its Democratic counterpart. And the Republican House campaign committee's $16 million effort for January and February was nearly five times what the Democratic House committee raised.
Unable to compete in the hard-money arena, Mr. Kerry and his fellow hypocritical Democrats, assisted by liberal interest groups, have once again become addicted to soft money.

'Hypocritical.' Hmm. Interesting adjective, don't you think?

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