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We Killed Yamamoto. . .

I'm curious. If, whenever we thought we knew where he was, we dropped a bomb on Saddam, then what's the hesitation to drop a bomb on Moqtada al Sadr? The last word I heard today was that he was holed up in one of his palaces--not in a mosque. Of course, his house is right next to a mosque, but from the pictures I've seen it looks like we could take out the house without even getting much dust on the mosque.

Of course, this idea is subject to rapid intel changes. He may move to the mosque, he may be elsewhere. . .I'm just saying--let's end this guy.

Oh, and while we're at it, let's shut off all the roads from Iran into Iraq for a few weeks. All we need is for the mullahs to try a live experiment of their nuclear program in Iraq.

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