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Two Related Stories--At Least In My Mind

First, of course, is the Pat Tillman death in Afghanistan today; second, then, is the optimistic re-enlistment numbers the military is reporting.

How are they related? Because, in my mind, they both say volumes about a generation of young men and women that just a few years ago were the "victims" of the public education system. Both stories, one in a very personal way and one in a very statistical way, relate the reality that young Americans have in them the stuff of heroes--courage, valor, honor. What their parents may have lost touch with because of the 60s and 70s (note I say "may"), but which their grandparents had in abundance, this generation is touched with in heartening ways.

Most of my brothers in the RMA have written tonight about Pat Tillman, as have the gents at Powerline--good reading. My take is that, in the case of this gifted athlete, we recognize the grave sacrifice he made today that many others have made on other days; but in his case in particular, we also recognize the sacrifice he made two years ago to walk away from a multi-million dollar contract. He gave on both ends, and we owe him--and all those like him--a debt we can only repay by (as Tom Hanks said in "Private Ryan") deserving this.

Prayers for his soul and for his wife and brother (who is still in Afghanistan).

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