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So Now He's Actually Throwing This Out

So Sen. Kerry feels today is an appropriate day for him to attack the President for his National Guard Service. But just over a week ago, on "Meet the Press", Kerry defended his own Purple Hearts by saying "It was the Navy's decision, and they made that decision, and I agree with it."

So, Senator, was or was not the decision to award Honorable Discharge the purview of the Air National Guard; and, if they indeed did deemed young George W. Bush fit for such, why would you question that decision? If the Navy's decision is just, and the ANG's is questionable, are you implying that the ANG is a less respectable or honorable organization? How else would you explain the blitheness with which you dismiss the service of the President?

Oh, my kingdom for one decent journalist following John Kerry around? These seem like patently obvious questions to ask, and not really that hard to squeeze in somewhere.

By the way, I would like to officially welcome Charlie Gibson to the ranks of the vast Right-Wing Conspiracy.

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