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So Much For That Theory

Spanish officials found a 26-pound bomb planted on the tracks of their high-speed rail line Friday. Important graf:

Interior Minister Angel Acebes said it was too early to say who planted the bomb. However, authorities believe it was placed at the scene Friday because the bag was dry and the ground was wet, and a 450-foot-long cable attached to a detonator looked new.

Guess the whole idea of placating the terrorists by announcing a pullout from Iraq and a softening of the stance against the Basque separatists didn't quite pan out.

Maybe, just maybe, the bomb failed because the people left behind after the massive sweepup of suspects were so incompetent that they just couldn't put the darn thing together right. Boy, I sure hope those poor guys being stored down at Gitmo can go free soon so real competent terrorists can get out and put those weapons together right.

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