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Sadly Predictable

I try to tune in to at least a little of Enid Goldstein's show every day (KNRC, noon - 3); I consider it intelligence gathering and an opportunity to occassionally sharpen the rhetorical foil against the blunt instrument of her wit.

So today I tuned in to see if logic was able to prevail and the real contents of the PDB laid to rest. Sadly, no. Her invective was firmly focused on "Bush should have known!! Bush didn't do enough!! It's their fault!!" Of course, her solution was to "have more meetings" because those had been successful uncovering the millenium plot. Never mind that the millenium plot was brought to life because of one border security guard's intuition and blind luck.

So expect this topic not to go away any time soon--logic has no ability to sway the blind hatred of these people.

But just to be clear: 9-11 is the fault of Osama bin Laden; the only logical way to disrupt 9-11 would have been to disrupt his ability to breathe. And, of course, we missed that opportunity on more than one occassion back then. . .

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