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Re-election On The Back Of The Economy

This, by Donald Lambro, seems too optimistic to me. . .

If next month's Labor Department employment report is anything like March's blowout jobs numbers, look for a 10-point lead in Mr. Bush's election polls and forecasts of larger gains for the GOP in the House and Senate.

. . .but is pointed in the right direction.

I think the Dems may have overplayed their hand in the last two months. First the book by O'Neill/ then the book by Clarke; then the 9-11 Commission; then Bob Woodward's book; the launch (and subsequent power outage) of Air America; all the while every Dem seeming almost gleeful every time they talk about the "chaos" in Iraq. The American people are able to recognize a systemic effort to beat up on someone, and when the gist of the beating up doesn't match their opinions of the beat-ee, there's a backlash. That's how I explain the recent bump in the President's poll numbers.

Well, that and John Kerry is back from vacation and talking again.

And again. . .
and on, and on. . .

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