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Probably Not Original, But. . .

I tend to think that what is going on in Iraq right now is a good thing. Think of the alternative: would we prefer three more months of relative peace so that in July--when the U.S. isn't in control--all this hell breaks loose? I tend to think that what we have right now is an insurrection; what we would have had in three months is a civil war. Sadr and the nihilists in Fallujah overplayed their hand, came out of the woodwork, and brought down the wrath of the exterminators.

I also think sticking to the June 30 deadline--and saying so loudly--was a brilliant tactical move. I think it might have forced their hand.

Are 30 American deaths acceptable? Of course not. And we should all say prayers for them every night. But I think you hear in the voice of the generals giving the briefings an air of confidence and preparedness and relief to be shooting at the bad guys instead of chasing shadows.

But I tend to take the optimistic view of things.

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