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On a Lighter Note

When Patrick Roy announced his retirement last spring, the collective gasp from the Avalanche faithful was audible clear out here in Arvada.

I took a slightly different view. Having just watched the Avs lose three straight to the mighty Wild from Minnesota, and having seen at least two of those, if not all three, completely stolen by the goalie, I wondered aloud "when was the last time Patrick Roy actually stole a game for the Avalanche?" Not that he wasn't great--it had just been a while since he single-handedly beat another team.

So it felt very good last night watching David Aebischer stop 41 shots (or was it 39 with two getting through?) while standing on his head to get the Avalanche a big road victory over Dallas. And what greater way to end the affair than with a rookie firing a skills-competition caliber shot over the shoulder into the upper corner of the net?

Hockey fun.

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