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On A Lighter Note

It's Saturday, and I actually got to spend some time sitting on the couch with the wife tonight. Sadly, what we spent our time doing was watching "Mona Lisa Smile." So bad. Not just inane dialogue and pointless angst about the fate of women 50 years ago. They even managed, by dressing her down, to make Julia Roberts nearly unwatchable. Nearly.

The obvious parallels to "Dead Poets' Society" were blatant, ill-disguised, and cheap. But somehow, the difficulties of young men trying to find an individual voice through the inspiration of a talented teacher had resonance; the limitations on the choices of women (barren academic success vs. marriage and family, however hollow) is so irrelevant in today's world that I wonder why this attempt was even made.

I know. . .this was the first movie intended to reach the markets of recently liberated Afghanistan. That's it!! Women with freedoms and choices and the right of self-determination--how novel!!

And this was supposed to compete with "The Return of the King"? Puh-leeze.

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