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Movie Review

My wife and I had the night to ourselves, and so we went to see "A Man On Fire".

Good movie. Not a feel-good movie, to be sure, but enthralling. Denzel Washington gives his typical great performance, and the little girl steals every scene she is in.

On the down side, this movie, which had the makings of a great story of redemption, at points dipped perilously into being a simple revenge movie. And a long one, at that--2:30. The darkness in the soul of Denzel's character was not balanced by enough light in the story to keep the repeated episodic revenges interesting. However, the supporting cast was strong, the setup for the plot was well-done, and the atmosphere was palpable.

I would give this a qualified recommendation. Very violent, with sustained periods of heavy intensity. NO children, please. And don't expect it to spark lively conversation. Probably best suited as a rental in six months.

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