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Light Posting Tonight

Frankly, a little too busy today to pull together too many coherent thoughts. So I'll just put up some stray thoughts and go.

The conventional wisdom is starting to say that the Dick Clarke affair has not hurt the President. But remember: this is a twelve-round fight. In the second round, it's easy to say that the big roundhouse that deflects off your shoulder didn't hurt you. But in the tenth round, when that shoulder is throbbing and making it hard to keep your guard up, that big swing-and-a-miss in the second begins to look a little more important.

I watched parts of the Avalanche game today, between trips up the ladder and what-not. Another come-from-ahead loss. I swear, between the lack of apparent will to win on their part, the late-season swoon of the Nuggets, and the impending start of the Rockies season, I'm contemplating some serious sports hibernating. Even the Final Four, as interesting as yesterday's games were, hasn't really managed to hold my attention. Just hand the remote to the wife and wake me up in August.

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